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Welcome to the Needle-Felted Teddy Bear Studio.  You may be asked, "What is a needle-felted teddy bear?" The process begins with wool, a barb needle, and lots of creativity. No patterns, no sewing machines, not even a needle and thread! I begin with a very basic shape and add a few fibers here, a few fibers there, securing them using a felting needle. After several days and thousands of pokes and prods, I have a wonderful, one-of-a-kind teddy bear (or dog or rabbit or whatever). It is really "soft-sculpting" in it's truest form!

 The February 2004 issue of Teddy Bear and Friends focused on the art of needle-felting. It was my great honor and delight to have one of my teddy bear creations featured on the cover. To see some of the other bears featured, simply click the photo to the right!

 Nepture, needle-felted teddy bear by Debbi Henretty, graced the cover of the February 2004 issue of Teddy Bear & Friends!

To learn more about a specific piece, just click on the thumbnail. Each of the teddy bear friends featured here is available for immediate adoption unless noted.

 Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkin Eater, needle felted teddy bears, $850 set
 Play Time Puppy, needle-felted puppy, 10-inches long, $275
 Polaris, needle-felted teddy bear, 11-inches seated, $350
 LiChee, needle felted panda, 6 1/2-inches, seated, $225
 Cotton, needle felted bunny, 5-inches seated (does not include ears), $195
 Hannah, needle felted teddy bear, 9 1/2-inches (seated), $275
 Lionel, needle felted teddy bear, 6 1/2-inches seated, $195
 Tangy, needle felted teddy bear, 6 1/2-inches seated, $225

Enjoy, look around, and find a friend for life!

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